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My name is Ken Rowland aka The F/Stop Guy. I am a Virginia based entrepreneur and amateur photographer.
I began shooting film about 35 years ago when I received my first camera as a gift. It was a Canon 35mm with a 50mm lens. I used it off and on learning how to use it and producing decent photos. When I took a black & white photography class after college, my passion for photography and the processes associated with it really blossomed. After some time, I upgraded to a Canon A1 and a few prime lenses. I also got into darkroom processes.

After a period of several years, and a couple of geographic moves, I lost my photography focus and my equipment languished in the closet. I eventually sold it all thinking I would never actively pursue the art again. Several years passed and I became interested in digital photography with autofocus lenses. That was cool! (if you could get the camera to nail the focus!) I've since actively photographed subjects of all kinds, getting out to shoot as often as possible. I have a passion for landscape work as well as black & white. The great thing about today's digital photography is that it allows us more room to get it right. Add the "digital darkroom", i.e. post processing software, and a lot more is possible with today's photos.

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Black & White


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Rural Churches
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